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African Cinema Conference

Film is a powerful tool for contextualizing food and culture. The African Cinema Conference listserv is a good source for information on both popular and documentary African films, festivals, and conferences.The listserv is moderated by Steve Smith, who shares the following information for those who might want to join it:

"It has about 200 members now and is about 5-6 years old.

Items to be sent out to subscribers will include all sorts of information on African cinema, including press releases about new books and articles, films and videos and other resources available, or about news, events, information and opinions relating to African cinema. There is no charge or costs involved.

We encourage all members to send in bits of information to be posted to all. Also, we encourage all members to ask questions to the group of information they need, and to introduce themselves to the group with a couple paragraphs about what they are doing that relates to African cinema.

Your moderator, Steve Smith

But you need to SUBSCRIBE to the list to get on to it. Please send an email message to join-african-cinema-conference@xc.org and that will sign you up

If you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from the list, just send a message to lyris@xc.org that says: unsubscribe african-cinema-conference in the text and you're off the list. Or even easier, on the bottom of every posting (email) you get from the list server there will be a message something like: (except there will be numbers in place of the xxx) To unsubscribe, forward this message to leave-african-cinema-conference-XXXX@xc.org.

TO POST A MESSAGE to the group, please just send it to: african-cinema-conference@xc.org.

It should be simple and easy. If you have any problems or issues, please contact me at ssmith@mfdi.org or ssmith@dsr-inc.com (my other email address, in case the first has problems)."

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