Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nkontomire stew and greetings from Accra

I'm sitting at the busyinternet cafe in Accra, Ghana. I'd hoped to upload some pictures from my camera here, but their wireless service in out of commission (for about a month so far), so my pictures have to remain there for another week or so. I asked John Aryeh, of the staff here to let me put his picture up, since that's the closest I could get to sharing visually the view in Ghana today! Thank you John.

I'm en route to the TEDGLOBAL conference, and will try to keep folks informed of my progress. I just finished a fabulous meal of nkontomire stew with cocoyam and green plantain, and an incomparable fruit salad of sugar loaf pineapple, watermelon, papaya, and mango. I'll show pictures later of some of the treats I've had, from plantain fufu with light soup, banku and okra stew, millet porridge with cloves, sugar, and hwentia (see my blog of May 4). Anyhow, I've only got five minutes left on my account so will upload this now. Talk to you soon.



At 9:34 PM, Blogger Africanloft said...

For the life of me I would never have found your blog - thanks to TED. It is gratifying to read the contents of this blog. There are just a handful of bloggers passionate about African cuisine. Thank you.

I will be back, and hope to see you at - a melting pot for Africans and Afrophiles alike. I would also like to continue this conversation off line, I can see some areas we can collaborate. Cheers.


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